Fucking Me Good

My pussy lips wrapped around your cock, moaning and asking for more. I love it when you're fucing me good.

Probably the soft lapping of a tongue against your mound, slow and teasing, while warm hands encircle your hips and nipples. But maybe i'm just projecting my own ideas. ; )

I'd tie and blindfold you to a couple of the big trees on the island with you legs spread wide open, as each of my friends walk by they stop to tease and torment you and leave you dripping puddles of cum on the forest floor You can hear someone coming through the forest but you don't know if it a big cock going to fuck you or another girl going to play your pussy and suck your clit. Or is it two guys both going to fuck you at the same time or maybe three hard cocks. You look absolutely amazing, gorgeous, and your thinking about my tongue teasing you clit, gently at first, then applying more pressure and you begin to moan, sliding a finger into you to enhance your pleasure, and then begging me to enter you because you can't take it anymore, how's that sound? Wow! I think you want me to slowly peel off your panties using my teeth. Once they are off, you want me to bury my face between your legs and eat you till you are exhausted form cumming so much. How about you whisper in my ear what you want ,i will do anything you ask to pleasure you but when you are satisfied i will use you as my pretty little fuck buddy,could you handle that sexy ? Your thinking about how good my tongue and fingers felt on your clit making you cum over and over again. Just waiting for me to come over again you started without me. Now I need to spank you.